A short moan

When I was 17 I decided not to learn to drive because I was too afraid to be in control of something that could kill someone by an error of mine. I had nightmares. When I wa764d6c860dcfd3a33f767b8157ec034as 23 I started to learn and hated it. Luckily I moved to London so never had to get as far as my tests. Then, when I moved back to London I was too anorexic (you’re no allowed to drive under a certain BMI) and then when I was better, I was too afraid, not to mention not earning enough money, to try again. Mental Health Issues can be a very persuasive argument against not pushing yourself to do scary things…

Now, that aside, every time I go for one of my Schema Therapy sessions it costs me £20 for the round trip – train and taxi (the alternative is train and three buses). That’s £40 a week which I am not allowed to claim back because I work part time and don’t claim benefits. I am not allowed any financial help, despite this time consuming treatment.

Honestly, do they (the mythical “they” being the Governemnt, I suppose) want people to wallow in mental health or actually try to function in the world? It makes me so angry!

Rant over.


One thought on “A short moan

  1. You’re right, that’s rubbish. It’s like being penalised to access and engage in treatment and that stinks!
    As for driving, I was also terrified by the concept and had nightmares where I did something awful whilst driving (still do sometimes) but the torture of learning has been totally worth it and I now love it. It gives me freedom and independence, and I still feel a ridiculous amount of pride/ disbelief over the fact I can actually drive a car!


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