Me again!

I had another group session today and although I felt like it wasn’t really relevant to me (lots more chat about that elusive emotion anger), I left feeling shaky and on the verge of tears. Why? Maybe because I felt left out, maybe because I’m scared of anger, or maybe because I’ve let myself wallow a bit in feeling sad without releasing it. The whole thing made me question my BPD label – although feeling scared and left out is probably me in abandoned child mode…hmm.

Now, I’ve had a lot of advice following the last blog and I’m going to follow it. Below are a list of ten things that get me up and out of bed every morning, and even raise a smile.

1. All the wonderful people who love and support me.

2. Snowdrops – they’re bursting through right now.

3. My cat Pippin, who is currently staring at me like I’m a fruit loop (Oi, little man!).

4. Books and reading.

5. Helping people.

6. Singing. You can’t cry and sing at the same time – trust me!

7. Pinterest – if you can’t get out there and see beauty then look at pretty pictures online instead.

8. My niece and nephews. Being well enough to play with them was one of the big motivations to kick 4a2529287f2e64c2f551b2c6e599b7c6anorexia’s ass.

9. Toast. And jam. And cereal. Tea. Breakfast, in fact.

10. Knowing the man I love is kind, nurturing and forgiving, no matter what.

Thanks everyone for helping me try to tackle my gloom.


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