BPD and Creativity

I’ve read somewhere that people with BPD are often very creative. I find that fascinating and I think a lot of people would tell you I’m a creative person – I write flash fiction (se896649f56e7060d97d0d062d6f770054e my other blog:  https://nikkicasartelli.wordpress.com/), I act, I sing…but I feel like I can only really do these things at my…healthy adult times. So, what I mean is when I’m functioning as normally as possible. I often find I can pour past hurts and fear into my fiction writing but if I do it when I’m in a sad, depressive state it makes me worse. If I’m super sad I can’t do a lot more than just stare at the wall. I can’t do it while I’m disassociating and if I’m feeling insecure, noooo way. The best I can do is write to you guys and even them I’m trembling that everyone who reads this will hate me and think by writing my feelings I’m doing the wrong thing and airing dirty laundry.

Acting for me is a wonderful way of escaping my own head for a few hours. I’m horribly self-conscious and shy about it. I have a complete inferiority complex but there is relief to be found in pretending to be someone else. Even someone as unfortunate as my current character Honey from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

So what is creativity and why is it so often found in the mentally ill? Is it a form of mania? Do inspired people always have troubled backgrounds? Was Vincent Van Gogh a BPD before his time? Do any of you guys find doing something creative can help bring you out of a funk (sorry to be flippant) or can you only do it when you’re feeling more yourself?


One thought on “BPD and Creativity

  1. This is a fascinating topic. There’s such a fine line between being so in touch with your emotions that you are inspired, and being so emotional that you simply can’t express it. If I write when I’m sad, angry…any emotion in fact, it always makes me feel better. It might make me feel that particular emotion more, but by writing my way through it I guess I’m giving myself therapy. But all too often I’m too stuck in that emotion and, like you, find myself staring at a wall or burying myself in Netflix so I don’t have to think about it. I like to think that creative people are more in touch with their emotions and are healthier because they have found a way to channel them…but maybe that’s just even more denial to hide behind! This stuff is complicated…I need a nap!


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