Fun Ways to Dispel Anger

If any of you have ever had group therapy, you will know what I mean when I say that every session has an atmosphere. You can walk into the room and instantly feel relaxed and open or, as it felt this week, you can feel the tension and sadness and want to walk straight back out again.

I don’t know why it seems to happen that the whole group feels one underlying emotion at the same time. Do moods become cyclical? Does the strongest personality in the room influence the others? Is it the weather? Whatever, this week our group was angry, sad, tired and and lacking in motivation to want to change.

But our therapists are amazing and they like a challenge. Picking up on the ange6e22bce2e1267b72615bccebb2ee0807r and knowing that we weren’t going to get anywhere in a session full of so much negativity, our female therapist said to hell with health and safety and set up a Tug of War with a hand towel (NHS resources remember).

Soon everyone was engaged, physically dispelling anger with a controlled and safe aggression and in a way that was fun. There was a lot of cheering and smiles popped up one by one, until everyone was panting and grinning and saying: “Oh, I feel much better.” And on we went with the group with a much safer atmosphere.

Magical – that’s our therapists.


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