I want to start this blog by saying I’m actually feeling OK today. Happy, in fact. I follow a few mental health blogs and I’ve noticed how we all tend to post only when we’re feeling blue and I wanted to readdress the balance – while you might often feel down, there are some up times in between and they are worth shouting about!

They are also good times to really work at your mental health because you can see things more objectively. It’s not just a horrible world and you can’t function in it. You find things worth smiling about, things you enjoy and people you like and hey, maybe you can also admit that you’re not so bad yourself…OK, definitely maybe because I cringed as I wrote that.

So what I need to look at are my life priorities. I’m doing far too much, spreading myself too thin and it’s stressing me out and making me unhappy. And, maybe it’s not a lot to other people but we all cope with things differently and for me it feels too much so my therapist wants me to streamline my activities and work out what is really important to me. Are my relationships suffering? Which friends have I got the happiest, healthiest relationships with? Do I see them enough? What about work? Do I take too much on and can anything go? (My therapist would say yes and that I use work to stay busy to avoid feeling.) Are there things I’d like to do more of? Do I have time to myself, to look after myself? What do I really enjoy doing and what am I doing just because I can’t say ‘no’?

These are all really simple questions but I bet everyone could ask themselves them more and benefit from it. Come on, folks. Naval gaze and do a little bit more of what you really enjoy. Look at this girl, she’s got the right idea.



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