Sometimes I feel like I might over empathise with people. I struggle to keep difficult emotions at bay in group therapy, I mean…listening to other people’s problems makes me feel so overburdened with confusing, scary emotions I want to run away, hug them and never let them go, make them feel better and stab myself in the eyes all at the same time. I want to help automatically and I’m filled with so much self-hate when I feel that my own inadequate offerings wouldn’t be enough so I’m rendered silent and still. I find horror films and a lot of violent downloadfilms far too difficult to watch, I do silly things to prevent someone else feeling blue and it will often backfire and I’m sometimes reduced to tears by ridiculous things. Like look at this picture of a blobfish….look at it! Have you ever seen anything so sad? I can’t bear it! It genuinely breaks my heart, however much my boyfriend tells me I’m anthropomorphising.

And yet it feels like a stupid and arrogant thing to say. Who am I to say I feel for others more than most people? And how on earth would you measure that? And yet, if psychopaths exist, doesn’t it make sense that empaths do too?

So, yes, I’m again looking for opinions? Can you over-empathise? Is it a condition? Or do you cringe at the phrase?


2 thoughts on “Empaths

  1. Yes, everything you’ve said makes perfect sense to me, in that I feel this way too. I believe empaths exist – people who are more sensitive to the feelings/suffering of others and I get the horror film thing, although it doesn’t stop me watching them!

    Also, I really want to give that blobfish a hug.


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