Budget cuts for Mental Health

It disgusts me that mental health is so under funded. This article from the Guardian provides some really interesting food for thought from health professionals:


For me, the stand out argument: “The case for protecting and increasing mental health budgets is compelling. We owe it to people with mental health problems to ensure services are as good as those for people with physical ill health.”

Yes indeed! Why is mental health still characterised differently from physical health? Where will these cuts lead people, the numbers of untreated cases. The damage it can have on people’s lives, and not just patients, but carers, families and friends. Figures show that under a fifth of patients feel they receive appropriate care, which is appalling!

When I read things like this, I realise how lucky I am to have had the care I’ve received. To have had YCED close enough by that I was allowed a bed there for 9 months saved my life from anorexia. So many of the staff there were caring and well trained and I am one of the happy few that didn’t slip through the net.

And now I’m taking part in this medical trial for Schema Therapy for BPD – again, the staff are so caring and f3fe9d747da237cba686d6204da5c987borward-thinking, even if they are working on a shoestring budget. I must remember have fortunate I am and not squander my treatment.

What scares me is that in the recent elections I read so many positive policies about the future of Britain’s mental health trusts, which are so far from the truth. In an article in the Telegraph Stephen Dalton, chief executive of the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network, warned that there was a “yawning gap between the rhetoric and reality” on mental health policy in England.

This gap must be closed.


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