Art mirroring life

Sometimes when you’ve experienced something – good or bad – and you find your own thoughts and feelings reflected in a book, a song, a piece of art – it can be totally amazing. It helps you feel less alone, it expresses something you felt but couldn’t quite get out and can even help you understand yourself a little more.

That has always been my feeling until now. Currently I am reading a novel1939cec11ba0c978c4eb6685176918cb, which has pinpointed so accurately a bad relationship I was in (although in the book, things get worse than they ever did for us) that I found myself shaking and a little weepy. Sometimes, in my head, I feel like maybe I’ve exaggerated how unhappy and how mistreated I was as time has gone by but reading this has brought it all back, so at least it confirms for me that I was strong in dealing with it and that I was justified in my struggles after. And all credit to the writer – she’s got it spot on! But now I’m left feeling a little spooked and quite low.

I think my mood was taking a turn anyway – other things have happened this week that shook me up a bit, but I can feel my skin crawling and the memories are too close.

Has anyone else felt this?
Any advice?


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